Every two years, the JEMP, which were initiated in 1993 at Toulouse, France (see their history here)  are the ideal meeting place for scientific and industrial communities whose common purpose is the understanding of the complex behavior of porous media. The fourthenth edition of JEMP will be held at La Cité Nantes Event Center at Nantes, France.

The exchanges, mostly interdisciplinary, involve fundamental topics such as applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and process engineering. The work carried out has a strong resonance with fields of application whose societal impact is marked: energy storage, pollution, new energies, environment, food, and health.

For the 2018 edition, an scientific opening is proposed towards multiscale fibrous media, geomaterials and porous materials for electrochemical storage. The papers will be in French and English. A prize for the best poster will be awarded by the French Interpore Chapter (FIC) which is the French section of the International Society for Porous Media (INTERPORE). 

The communications (talks, posters) will be focused on :

  • Mechanical and thermal behaviour of porous media
  • Multi-physics coupling and numerical modelling
  • Porous media for energy production and storage
  • Imagery, numerical generation of porous media
  • Fluid mechanics in Engineering processes
  • Geotechnical and petroleum engineering
  • Reactive and dispersive transport
  • Multiscale fibrous media
  • Waves propagation
















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